A Creativity Audit for Post-Diagnosis Dementia Care
Voucher Scheme Round 1

A film by Carl Davies and Michael Donaghy

In this project, we explored the ways in which engagement with arts and cultural activities can help people in the period immediately following a diagnosis of dementia. We commissioned the artist Kate Egglestone-Wirtz to spend time shadowing Mersey Care’s existing post diagnostic support sessions, from which we will develop an audit tool to be used in those sessions in helping people identify creative, social and community assets in their lives.

The aim of the tool is to shift the paradigm from one where diagnosis is deficit based to one which acknowledges and reminds people of the things they can do and enjoy doing. The tool (which may be a digital or paper-based application) could be used to offer snapshots or correlative measures of people’s changing outlook over time. By working with Mersey Care’s existing offer of post diagnostic support sessions, the tool can be trialled and its impact assessed.

Voucher Scheme Round 1