Driving culture change in the care sector through a focus on minority communities and food
Voucher Scheme Round 3

For those living in care, a lack of cultural sensitivity in care provision can have a significant, negative impact. For service users from different cultural backgrounds, food culture is one such pivot. By overlooking minority cultures in food preparation, care providers risk excluding those in their care. At face value, this is a problem of service delivery design, but viewed from a different perspective, it can raise more serious issues around inequality in care provision.

The team have sought to address this issue by turning to the experience and culture-specific culinary knowledge of those receiving domiciliary care. Over a series of workshops, they worked with participants from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic Communities, witnessing their personal testimonies. Workshops were catered for and delivered in each community’s preferred language, an important approach to participatory practice in the care field.


  • Chinese Wellbeing – Di Burbidge
  • Mary Seacole House – Reihana Bashir
  • Back-to-life Liverpool – Jacqui Walker
  • Irish Community Care – Breege McDaid
  • DEEP network – Paul Thomas